SetPoint Consultants is an international, full-service, professional recruiting firm. We provide contract and direct-hire employment solutions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I work for Setpoint?
Yes.  All SetPoint consultants are employees of SetPoint and are paid and insured through SetPoint.
Where is SetPoint located?
SetPoint has recruiters placed throughout the United States and Central and South America.
Where do I find all of the New Hire Documents including a timesheet and Direct Deposit Form?
You can locate any and all paperwork for new hires by accessing the EMPLOYEE SERVICES link on the website. There you will find all documents pertaining to your start. Print all documents and fax them to 877-797-9933 or scan and email them to your Recruiter.
Do you offer medical/dental benefits?
At this time, SetPoint does not offer medical or dental benefits.
When can I expect to be paid?
All consultants are paid weekly and our preferred method of payment is Direct Deposit, although we do offer a Visa Check Card.
How do I access my paystubs? I did not see them in my check?
After you have successfully signed up for Direct Deposit, you will need to sign up online at Paychex to view paystubs. Go to Click on the “login” link and then click “check stubs”. You will now be directed to the login site. On the right side click on “register for a new account” and follow the instructions. All paystubs will be online at Paychex. If you have any questions please call or email your SetPoint Recruiter.
Does SetPoint make any guarantee of full time hire when you are placed at one its customers?
Unfortunately we can not guarantee you will be hired at one of our customers, but we will do everything we can to assist you. We will “get your foot in the door” with one of our customers, but being hired is largely due to your performance, attendance and most importantly if there is a full time position available. 82% of all SetPoint consultants are hired permanently.
Does it cost me to register with SetPoint?
Registering at SetPoint is at no cost to you. The job seeker does not have to pay a placement or service fee at any time. All fees are paid by employer.
If I utilize SetPoint to find a candidate how much does it cost?
This is very common question. First of all, by signing our service agreement you are under no obligations UNLESS you hire our candidate. Our contract and contract to hire rates vary and depend on many factors but when calculating costs of using an agency, don’t forget about adding in your soft/hidden costs which include: your time or your staff’s time calling and interviewing candidates, advertising for the job, sifting through hundreds of unqualified resumes and the extra cost if the new hire is fired and you have to start the process all over. Utilizing SetPoint can eliminate all of these soft cost and let you focus on your business and let us find you the perfect candidate. Our Direct Hire/Headhunting fees are based upon the candidates annual salary. We offer a 90 day replacement guarantee. Call our email us for more information.
Does SetPoint utilize a PEO or a third party to pay and hire their consultants?
NO. All SetPoint consultants are employees of SetPoint and are paid and insured through SetPoint. This is a very important question to ask every staffing agency, especially the smaller firms nowadays. Many times smaller temp agencies will utilize PEO’s because they can not secure Workers Compensation Insurance. SetPoint has their own Workers Compensation insurance and extensive Liability Insurance coverage that includes an additional $1 Million Dollar E/O Policy to guarantee you are covered by our employees.